7 Amazing DIY Christmas Decorations Made From Pasta By Crafty Panda

In this DIY tutorial, we will show you how to make Christmas decorations from pasta. The video consists of 7 Christmas craft ideas for your Christmas tree decorations.

1. Flower Christmas decoration made by gluing conchiglie rigate pasta pieces together and covering everything with silver paint.

2. Christmas wreath made of farfalle pasta ribbons glued together on a cardboard and covered in green and red paint.

3. Snowflake ornament from penne rigate pasta stuck together with some glue and covered in silver paint and glitter sparkles.

4. Little racing car toys for your Christmas tree from penne rigate, fusilli, ruote, radiatori and ditali lisci pastas.

5. Miniature Christmas tree toy constructed by gluing ruote and ditali lisci pasta together.

6. Shining hollow Christmas ornament star made from gold coloured ditali lisci pasta joined together with glue.

7. Bright red Christmas star decoration made from conchiglie rigate pasta glued on cardboard.

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